Durians in Singapore have a special place in the hearts of those who adore its unique taste and smell. This prickly fruit, often named the King of Fruits, hides a treasure trove of nutrients beneath its spiky exterior. From vitamins to healthy fats, durians bring forth several surprising health perks. Here’s a simplified peek into the seven incredible benefits of enjoying this fascinating fruit! 

  1. It Increases Happy Hormones

Durians contain something called tryptophan. When we eat it, our bodies change tryptophan into a substance that makes us feel happy and calm. It’s like eating chocolate, which also makes us feel good. 

  1. It Helps You Achieve a Sound Sleep

That tryptophan does another neat thing – it helps us sleep better! It increases something in our bodies called melatonin, which helps us sleep well at night. Eating a little durian might make bedtime more peaceful. 

  1. It Has Healthy Fats

Yes, durians have fats, but the good kind! These fats can help to lower bad stuff in our bodies, like cholesterol, and help to keep our hearts healthy. In Singapore, people even put durian in a special dish called durian steamboat to make it taste rich and delicious! 

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  1. It Helps With Digestion

Durians are high in fiber, which helps our stomachs and intestines work well. This means eating durian can make it easier when you need to go to the bathroom. Other foods that help our tummies include yogurt and apples. 

  1. It Can Regulate Blood Pressure

It’s crucial to watch our blood pressure as we age, and durians have potassium, which helps manage it. Keeping blood pressure in check means a healthier heart and vessels that carry blood all over our bodies. 

  1. It Helps Boost Your Energy

Durians have a lot of carbohydrates, which give our bodies energy to run, play, and work. Think of it as a battery that helps us do all the fun and important things we want to do every day. As a bonus, durians also have potassium, which helps keep us from feeling too tired. 

  1. It Boosts Your Immunity

Durians also give us vitamin C, which helps keep our bodies healthy and fight off sickness. Not only that, but it also helps our skin stay fresh and happy! 

In Conclusion

While durians have all these wonderful benefits, it’s essential to remember that eating them should be done in balance. Even with all the good stuff inside them, having too many durians can be bad, mainly because they are considered ‘heaty’ according to some beliefs. Enjoying a few durian seeds now and then can be a tasty and healthy treat that helps our bodies in many sweet ways.