A wireless microphone system is a cordless mic system used in live sound applications and it allows the performers to move freely on the stage without restriction of the cable wire. The wireless system is now a necessity, such as in theater productions that require every performer to have their mic hidden in the body. Never try it with a wired mic. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered when choosing the best wireless mic for your application and where to buy microphone in singapore.

Wireless systems applications

The production may require a few or all types of systems. For example, in a small band set-up, the bass and guitar can use instrument wireless systems, then the lead singer prefers a handheld transmitter system and the drummer might want a headset system. The most essential thing to know is the basic setup and operating principles of the systems are all similar. It doesn’t matter what you do onstage, there is a wireless solution for you.

Wireless handheld microphone

An ideal microphone system will be the wireless handheld mic that most vocalists use. It is a type of wireless microphone, a smart choice for stage situations, which will be passed from one person to another. The wireless transmitter is built-in into the microphone, so you have two components in this system:

  • handheld transmitter/mic
  • wireless receiver

Most of the manufacturers are offering wireless versions of the most popular wired microphones so that singers don’t need to change the sounds when switching to the wireless system. Also, you may easily upgrade the sonics of the Shure wireless mic body with a compatible enhanced capsule, such as the pristine super-cardioid condenser vocal wireless capsule.

Lavalier microphone

Wireless lavalier mics are discreet and have a body transmitter. Lavalier mic is a choice for public performers, like public speakers and stage actors. It has a mic system that is similar to headset mic systems, but it is a substitute for lav mic for headsets. It is a breeze to use by simply clipping the Lavalier mic to the clothing that is connected to a bodypack transmitter to transmit to the wireless receiver.

For public speaking, in quiet venues, lavalier mics work fine. In noisier environments, such as the school gym, the directional Lavalier microphone works better.

Indeed, microphones come in different types and models that have specific functions. So, if you plan to buy it for yourself, consider where you should use it to get an idea of which one is better to purchase.