For decades, tank water heaters, commonly referred to as traditional or conventional water heaters, have provided residential and commercial hot water.

Advantages of storage tank water heaters.

Economical installation:

A notable advantage of such storage water heaters is their economical installation. Other types of water heaters, like instant and electric ones, are costlier when it comes to purchasing and installation.

Fast hot water recovery:

In comparison to other types of water heaters, the storage tank water heater possesses a quick hot water recovery rate.  It implies that you should not use hot water as other water heaters do. The recovery time varies with heater size and power consumption, yet it is quicker than most of the other alternatives.

Increased energy efficiency:

Despite tank water heaters being widely criticized for their poorer energy efficiency compared to instant units, more recent innovations have addressed this concern. The newer models of tank water heater have superior insulation alongside more proficient warming components that lessen heat misfortune and upgrade energy effectiveness. Ensure you get energy certified models since they comply with energy efficiency standards.

Lower initial cost:

Tank water heaters are usually cheaper than the costs of instant or heat pump water heaters at the initial purchase. A tank water heater can provide an economical option in case you’re working within a limited budget, or your existing unit needs replacement. With a lower upfront cost, the funds could be channeled to other home improvement or maintenance undertakings.

Ease of maintenance and repair:

It is quite easy to do maintenance and repair on tank water heaters. This regular maintenance involves flushing out the reservoir of any accumulated sediments, checking the functioning of pressure relief valves, and inspecting the anode rod. Either homeowners or professional plumbers can execute these tasks. Replacement and repair of these parts is easy and, therefore, cuts down on the maintenance cost if malfunctions occur.

Backup power options:

Water storage heaters can have backup energy sources like natural gas or propane in areas prone to power failures. It also means that you would still have warm water when there is a power failure. Unlike a tank-based heater that can keep hot water available even without electricity, an instant water heater would need an additional backup system to keep functioning in case of power failure.


There are also storage tank water heaters that are cheap and can be coupled with solar water heating units. It is due to their quietness, up space, and user-friendly designs, which make them suitable for hot water supply both at home and business purposes.