What is a patio? 

A patio is an extended outdoor area designed in the houses at present. They are like a porch but is larger. A screened in patio is preferred by people to maintain privacy in these areas. The screens are usually made of bamboo stick curtains or rollers that create a nice design around the patio. A few yellow or subtle lights are lit inside the screen, and a get together can be arranged in such areas.

How does the patio enhance the looks of a house?

Since the patio is located at the entrance of the house, the area needs to be covered. These covers can be removed during the day when natural light can enter the house through the entrance. This is how modern houses are designed.

The patio comprises a table, few chairs, some gorgeous lightings, and design materials that can be arranged and then removed later on. Here are some of the advantages of designing a screened patio:

  1. It gives an aesthetic look to the house from the outside.
  2. Creates a private space for the residents to spend.
  3. It acts as a leisure time zone of the house.
  4. It is very calm and soothing, and people can sit there and spend hours of time reading, watching movies, listening to music and so on.
  5. It proves that the owner has made the best use of the area in which they have built the house. Considering a part of the house for a patio is unique and using this area instead of making it a traditional entrance along with two doors or following the conventional style of constructing houses is a good idea.

Uses of a screened patio 

A screened in patio is becoming very common these days because of the advantages stated above. Many people are still trying to get accustomed to this kind of house design. Modern architects and interior design students are trying to develop new ways of building a house. A house can only be once, so make sure that it is unique and pleasing to you as well as others who visit your house. It is a place where you will be residing for the next few decades and spending most of your time, so make the best use of it and focus on the key aspects of making a house look more beautiful.