Have you bought or sold a car or motorbike? Then you will know that it is necessary to proceed with the Transfer of Ownership. This is a formal operation, which must be carried out in compliance with current regulations. Read on to find out how the process works.

The Transfer of Ownership , also called Transfero, is a fundamental moment in the process of buying and selling a used vehicle. In fact, this procedure represents the deed of transcription of ownership of the vehicle and sanctions its passage from one owner to another https://www.byotautoparts.com/sell-your-car

The three stages of the process

Agreement between the parties : the seller and the buyer exchange their consent to the sale of the vehicle by establishing the price;

Signing of the deed of sale : the seller declares that he has sold the vehicle to the buyer at the established price and signs the declaration of sale in an authorized office (STA owner automotive consultancy firm, Municipality registry office, Civil Motorization, PRA, Studio notary) where he will find a public official (Owner or delegate of the Consulting Firm, Official delegated by the Mayor, Motorization Officer, PRA Officer, Notary) who will authenticate the signature affixed in his presence;

Transcription of the deed in public registers: within 60 days of signing it is mandatory to register the deed both with the Motorization Authority (which will issue an update coupon for the Vehicle Registration Certificate) and with the PRA, which will issue a new Digital Property Certificate and the related receipt.

To carry out the Transfer of Ownership, you can contact a STA Motorist Telematic Desk, present in all the Agencies associated with Sermetra: a service created with the aim of simplifying the bureaucratic operations relating to car paperwork.

Transfer of ownership for cars and motorcycles

If you intend to buy a used car or motorcycle, you simply need to bring a valid identity document to the Agency, your tax code and, if you are not a citizen of the European Union, also your Residence Permit. If you are a reseller instead, in addition to your identity document, you will need to have at hand.